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A podcast about the secrets on how to build your IT business from industry veterans while learning about whiskey!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. EP 28- Interview with SabinoCompTech's Founder Nancy Sabino

    Nancy Sabino of SabinoCompTech starts out the episode for us, and we can just say there were plenty of laughs, and definitely a lot of encouragement and motivation when Nancy shares her story and how she and her husband started with $32, an idea and their tenacity to make it ...


  2. EP 27 - Lets Read Some Books!

    In this episode we get into a GREAT discussion on books we have read and recommend. We go through a variety of titles and why we chose them and what we thought of them; so be sure to jot these titles down! This episode’s whiskey selections include Craig’s Old Elk ...


  3. EP 26 - Interview with 3rd Element’s Founder: Dawn Sizer

    This episode we interview very special guest, Dawn Sizer, owner of 3rd Element! She shares with us her perspective on ownership, what challenges she has faced being a female owner, what “grinds her gears”, what she would do differently if she could go back and start over, and so MUCH ...


  4. EP25 - Why Credit Cards?

    In this episode we get into a great discussion on credit cards! Pros and cons of why we chose to accept them. The perks of having company credit cards and much more! Joe’s bottle of choice in this episode - Antiquity Blue, Craig enjoyed the “fun to say” Yipee ...


  5. EP24 - The Daily Top 3!

    In this episode, we shake things up starting backwards with whiskey before IT! On the IT side, we discuss what the very top three things are that we cannot live without using each day, that helps us increase productivity and reduce time waste. Is it tech or is it apps? ...