EP12 - Live from Anaheim - Basil Hayden

Episode 12 December 17, 2018 00:27:26
it4whiskey podcast
EP12 - Live from Anaheim - Basil Hayden

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http://www.it4whiskey.com/latest Join us in our latest episode of our podcast.. A podcast about the secrets of how to build, manage and grow your IT MSP business, while learning about whiskey! In this episode we are live from Anaheim at the Nex-Gen 2018 Conference, we talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of the event. We also discuss the fine whiskey from Basil Hayden... Listen in on this jam packed episode! http://www.it4whiskey.com/latest #business #technology #informationtechnology #podcasting #MSP #IT #VOIP #itmanagement #8_IT #managedservices #episode #focus #networking #moreprofit #IWHarper #1792 #whiskey #enterpreneur #bourbon #scotch #podcast #syneteklife

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