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A podcast about the secrets on how to build your IT business from industry veterans while learning about whiskey!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. EP44 - New Year New Predictions

    Happy new year! First episode of 2021. New year new predictions. New book. New chapter. What's coming down this year?. How is your business adjusting to the new normal? Listen and enjoy. ...


  2. EP43 - How to Juggle Family, Kids and Business with Special Guest Nichole Hickman

    In this episode we have a special guest. Craig's wife, Nichole Hickman. Really Interesting and amazing conversation about how work, home, family, kids and life in general. Finding that balance. How can we do a better job paying attention to what's going on around us?. Listen and enjoy! ...


  3. E42 - The Rants

    In this episode we are shifting the conversation a little. Let's rant!! What's up with Kale? - What are some of the rants that we have as MSP owners? Timelines? Agreements? Wrong expectation? Let's talk about them! ...


  4. EP41 - Contracts and Account Management

    Need some ideas to keep or improve your relationships with your customers?. Struggling with contract management and maintaining customers?. What about contract renewals? Do you increase or decrease the price to your customers?. Listen and find some answers to these interesting questions. ...


  5. EP40 - Pricing Packages

    Wondering how to establish price for your MSP services and products? Price yourself properly? Doubts about pricing models and which ones are common out there in the industry?. Tune in EP40 and learn about these and how to position your business in the market. ...