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June 03, 2020 00:27:39

EP37 - How to survive during a Pandemic

In this week’s episode the guys tackle how to survive the pandemic, helping others, silver linings, karma, funding, marketing, new drinks and what are the next steps we all need to think about as MSP’s. If you have a question about how, we’ve got you covered. Check us out: iTunes Spotify Google Podcast ...



May 06, 2020 00:26:54

EP36 - To be or not to be flexible, that is the question

To be or not to be flexible, that is the question.. the guys tackle this in episode 36. What does it mean to you and your business to be flexible during this time? How would you tackle such a problem within your company? And guess who’s back Todd Gates let’s hear his view on this; does he agree with the guys or does he play mediator. And we’d love to hear your view on this topic so please remember to comment and let us know what you think. Like, Subscribe, Share and thank you for tuning in! Check us out: iTunes Spotify Google Podcast Tune-in ...



April 15, 2020 00:47:51

EP35 - Surviving week 8, now what?

In these week’s episode the guys have a guest: Todd Gates from HCS, he’s asking some important questions about what to do with this “new normal” we are facing in our industry. We’ve got it all these guys talk: culture, cannabis, taxes, high school distilleries and much more… This episode is right what you need during this time because we got answers. So sit back and enjoy. Check us out: iTunes Spotify Google Podcast ...



March 20, 2020 00:38:57

EP34- CoronaVirus COVID-19 Special

Hello all! A new episode out! we are talking about how Covid-19 has changed how we do buisiness. How it has affected diffrent industries/clients and What to do to help.. We also talk about our get together in Dallas Texas and the great time we had.. Tune In!! Tune in to this episode and thank you for checking us out! #business #technology #informationtechnology #podcasting #MSP #IT #VOIP #itmanagement #8_IT #managedservices #episode #focus #networking #moreprofit #1792 #whiskey #IT #msp #enterpreneur #bourbon #scotch #podcast #syneteklife ...



March 10, 2020 00:27:36

EP33 - Live at Xchange 2020 with Matt Solomon

Ever wondered how Cyber Security is affecting the MSP industry? How do you tackle this and many other MSP issues in this fast growing market. Listen to this live interview "podcast" with guest host Matt Solomon of ID Agent, all at Xchange 2020 in San Antonio.. Tune in to this episode and please check out Matt Solomon of ID Agent.. ...



February 28, 2020 00:27:15

EP32 - Money, Money, Money

Ever wondered how you get banks to lend you money? Did you know that on average small businesses will try and get money from a bank when they need it the most. Well look no further Episode 32 will shows you how to go about getting cash to start up your business, when you need that extra push and cash flow. What is an angel investor? What branches of your local government will work for you and how to plan your business to use banks in your favor. Check us out: iTunes Spotify Google Podcast Tune-in IT4Whisky Quick Tip: Disclaimer: We are not financial experts.. these are our opinions from our own experience. Please consult with an expert. ...