EP17 - An Interview with TX MSP Todd Gates

Episode 17 February 26, 2019 00:32:25
it4whiskey podcast
EP17 - An Interview with TX MSP Todd Gates

Show Notes

http://www.it4whiskey.com/latest Join us in our lastest episode of our podcast.. A podcast about the secrets of how to build, manage and grow your IT MSP business, while learning about whiskey! In this episode, Texas Native and HCS Technical Services MSP CEO Todd Gates joins us for a podcast you want to be sure to check out. We shook things up a bit and HE interviewed us; tune in to hear what he was curious about and what we shared. Lots of laughs and lots of whiskey in this episode! Listen in on this jam packed episode! http://www.it4whiskey.com/latest http://www.hcsts.com #business #technology #informationtechnology #podcasting #MSP #IT #VOIP #itmanagement #8_IT #managedservices #episode #focus #networking #moreprofit #IWHarper #1792 #whiskey #IT #msp #enterpreneur #bourbon #scotch #podcast #syneteklife #mspquestions

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