EP18 - Shiny Objects and How to get Craig's Attention

Episode 18 March 25, 2019 00:20:40
it4whiskey podcast
EP18 - Shiny Objects and How to get Craig's Attention

Show Notes

http://www.it4whiskey.com/latest Join us for the lastest episode of our podcast.. A podcast about the secrets of how to build, manage and grow your IT Manage Service business, while learning about whiskey! In this episode we talk about how not to let shiny objects distract you or your business and what your time and energy could be better spent on. Joe finally tastes 1792 and tells us what he thinks of small batch vs single barrel, Craig shares his affection for Russell's Reserve and Mayron pours some Booker's Bourbon. Tune in to this episode and thank you for checking us out! http://www.it4whiskey.com/latest #business #technology #informationtechnology #podcasting #MSP #IT #VOIP #itmanagement #8_IT #managedservices #episode #focus #networking #moreprofit #1792 #whiskey #IT #msp #enterpreneur #bourbon #scotch #podcast #syneteklife #Bookers #Russlesreserve

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